My story is not one to just be written in words, its one to be experienced through colors, textures, sounds, and images; but for the sake of us getting to know each other I will let you in on my book. -Miranda Guzman

My Story

Born and raised in Dominican Republic, I grew up in a family of creatives and individualists. My mother, an all-around artist of life; my father, a visionary, I was bound to grow up a dreamer. Dabbling in the arts of mixed-media painting, massage, photography & videography, I learned that through my sensitivity I was able to translate my world in an authentic and very unique way. In 2014 I moved to California and became an immigrant. Stepping out of my comfort zone ignited a passion inside me of capturing the raw & vulnerable beauty of this world. This is when I began The Goddess Mirror Project, which was my first professional photography project that gave me the strength and confidence to unravel myself as a visual artist. I’m currently based in the mountains of Dominican Republic but am open to travel to you, so let’s connect!

I want to capture the little things and the big feelings. I wanna get the big moments, the loud ones and the quiet ones, the in-betweens, the ones you don’t think anyone else is watching. I want to listen to what lights your fire and help bring your vision to life so that others can get inspired by YOU! I want to create something timeless and meaningful for you that you can enjoy time and time again, to help you remember how incredible and real those moments were. My mission is to tell real stories of real people… let me tell your story.


" I wanted to take pictures that would empower me in my own body and allow me to see my beauty in my bare skin. These photos stripped me from all my pain and allowed me to see how beautiful I am even in my most vulnerable state. Miranda, thank you for seeing me. "



" Miranda has helped see myself through her eyes, the eyes of love, helping me see myself with love, she has helped me acknowledge the Goddess in me & embrace her through this experience. Meeting her & what she does has touched a deep part of me, showing me her selfless work, her compassion to show the others a essential part of what they are in such a genuine way. Being with Miranda gives a sweet & warm feeling to the heart. Pure & Raw."



"Miranda was truly able to capture the spirit of the music coming through me through our photo session at the farm! She has a deep soul and is highly skilled behind the camera...a storyteller at heart. I will be working with her again and again to tell the story of my own evolution as an artist and entrepreneur."